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Kleine Reisen
Project of the 'Textmanufaktur'
What is the 'Textmanufaktur'?
The 'Textmanufaktur' is a group in the business network Xing. The group is German, but Xing is an international network, and there are also groups in other languages.
In the group 'Textmanufaktur', authors, publishers, editors and all people who like reading and writing meet, socialize, exchange experiences and discuss texts.
Kleine Reisen (Little Journeys)
Kleine Reisen A special project began end of 2006. Members of the group wrote a book together: German poems and prose about travelling.
You can find my poem Regentropfenbahnen (rain drop tracks) in the book.
With the book we support the aid project Via Niños, which helps children and young adults in Ecuador.
You can order the book for 12,90 euros at design (at) anja-kaiser.com

More information (in German):
Pressemitteilung (pdf, 400KB), Flyer (pdf, 4.7MB).
The authors did a reading from the book end of March 2008 in Hannover.
Radio Flora did a short broadcast (mp3, 25MB), from the reading in which you can also hear my poem (mp3, 5.7MB).
Kleine Reisen
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