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Une Journée dans ma Vie
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A day in my life

I woke up and turned to face the clock, its menacing green numbers stating that it was five forty five. Five more minutes, I thought to myself, before I had to get up. It wasn't enough time to go back to sleep, but the blankets were so comforting that I turned over and laid there with my eyes closed. I started to drift off into a light sleep, but it didn't last long when the alarm finally went off. I sighed and slowly got out of bed, while my husband turned the alarm off.
Leaving my bedroom, I walk to the bathroom with a quick 'hello' to my rabbits on my ways. As much as they don't understand a word that I am saying, their little faces still point my way when they hear me. Once in the shower, I finally begin to wake up. The heat from the shower is so nice, especially with the winter temperatures still present outside.
Quickly, I finish up my shower, remembering that I have to leave in less then an hour for work. Once out of the shower and dressed, I drop my pyjamas off in my bedroom and then head off to the kitchen to find something for breakfast. I set my eyes on the toaster strudels in the freezer and grab two of them. While waiting for them in the toaster, I get onto my computer and check the weather network, then my email. I read a new email after I get the toaster strudels out of the toaster. After breakfast, I clean both of the rabbit's cages before I head out for work.
The drive to work is dark and I hate it...I really can't wait for the days to become longer. Not only for the light, though, but also because it'll actually be warmer for me, too. Nothing is worse then a shock of frigid cold temperatures first thing in the morning. Oh, got to love early mornings!
Once at work, I've got three clients looking at me; one is telling me hi, one tells me that she doesn't want a lunch for program (though I know she does since she always eats it anyways) and one is wanting to go back to bed. I say hi, than I remind them all that I had just walked in the door and ask them all to sit down so I can read my notes and start meds.
The next hour goes by quickly; giving out meds and helping five clients get ready for program. By eight, I have all of them out in the van and off for another morning van ride. It is so much of a routine that I am already very bored with my morning supports. It's the same conversations every day and I give the same response to every question asked. Some days I wonder where my sanity is.
After the van run, I start some laundry and spend some time talking to one of the other staff. It's a different staff every day coming in for one on eon with another client, so it's always 'catch up' time with what we have been up to. And it fills the last half an hour of my shift with something interesting.
Once I leave and take my five minute drive home, I get in and check on the rabbits again before starting my morning exercises. I know that I already had a shower this morning, but I would rather do my exercises now since I'm more awake and have the energy to do so. I sit on the bike for the next forty five minutes, watching reruns of a favourite show- it rotates between various seasons of The Gilmore Girls and Survivor, depending what I'm in the mood to watch. Today it is the third season of The Gilmore Girls.
After I finish my exercises, I search the fridge for some lunch and pull out a bagel and some butter. Not the best lunch, but I'm so picky that it's one of the few things that I actually feel like eating. In the meantime, I'm back on my computer searching for a new job and checking my email. Nothing new, but I do answer the email that answered this morning.
After lunch, I'm out to a coworkers' house. She's been asking me for days to come look at her house (well, ever since Ian and I bought our house and I finally get there. It is hard, though, since rather I'm working or she is working, so finding time isn't always the easiest thing! But I make it there for a visit and tour of her house. It gave me some ideas of what I would like to do with my house, and I get to meet one of her cats. The other one is in hiding, antisocial with people that she doesn't know.
After about an hour, I head out and I'm off to work again. It's at one of the houses that I dread going to at times, but hours are hours and I really shouldn't complain. Money is great right now, since I have so many things that I really want to do to my house, and it's quite expensive. The shift is only six hours, but it seems like eternity. The head of the house leaves my co worker and I list of things that she should have done but didn't do. And I leave most of it for my co worker since I'm off at eight and he is off at ten thirty and the clients are sleeping by eight...never mind the fact that we have to worry about the clients first. And this co worker is one that usually has the bad habit of not doing much, so he can work for once. He's at the house almost every day, so he'll get the mouthful before I do if that extra paperwork isn't done. Bad, I know, but it is true. He's actually one of the reasons why I don't like the house. Reason two is the person who left this work for us and the third and last reason is off on sick leave, again.
Two baths later, supper is ready and on the table. I barely get my supper down when one of the clients is asking to go back to her chair. Since she's in a wheelchair, she needs staff there to stand beside her when transferring. She's asked to wait a couple of minutes before we take her over, as not everyone was finished their supper.
Once supper is done, meds are given out, two more baths are done and the notes are written. Before I know it, it is eight and I am so happy. I finally get to finish off my day and go home to relax for an hour and a half before going to bed. The drive home is quick, since most people are at home by that hour, which is great.
At home, I change into my pyjamas while my husband and I talk about our day at work. The conversation goes on while I check for any new job postings and then get ready for bed. And I am asleep before my head even hits the pillow, not looking forward to another early day!