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Ein Tag in meinem Leben
Cultural Differences

Some thoughts about a day in La Palma:

People use to say that Astronomy comes to represent at present the encounter of two worlds of opposite scales, subnuclear and parsec-like, of the dark and shiny matter, even of different and not still established dimensions. However, only in nights like those that we have just passed, the magnitude of the tragedy could be shaped in a so tacit, convincing and absolute way of what this princess of blue blood that is Physics suggests among Quadratures of Circle and Theories of Everything. Between practice and reality, the abyss reigns.

At the beginning ... it was the general power cut.

Afterwards the problems were alternating one after the other and the Enigma to resolve took on each step multiple corporeal forms, a savoir: from a hair phone of 1500 W, to a plastic piece of cable or a so shiny fuse, (re) passing through the human mind including the education of Pozuelo, Barcelona and Tokyo, or the vast kingdoms of the oscilloscope- sometimes, Improbability even subdivided its essence to be able to be present in more than one device simultaneously. Trinitysimum.

Never Physics will be able to explain the fact of seeing yourself reflected on some metallic module of the digitalizers of the signal that Mr Magic sends you through optical fibers, climbed up on lamed stairs with an utensil that you have never used because your hairs were always short enough, attempting to defrost a condicioning air that has been forced away of its possibilities, collapsing and making certain Receivers internal temperature to increase over 70 Celsius, point of state change of certain delicate boards, and everything because precisely that night Suzaku, the recent satellite Japanese-life-given of X-ray domain has decided to point to 1E-1959+650, the famous quasar, and The Company...mmmhh, The Collaboration assigned us in voice of that one that right now is there in an uncomfortable position with the cited omniscient omnímode device measuring absurd differences of nanoseconds, Hasaaki Hayashida analyser, to follow the evolution in the domain that corresponds to us, the Gamma, and to find out if certain features are right placed in the Spectrum of light that the distant galaxy spits us, and without entering in details, understand in this way how some extreme physical processes work in this objects, or which matter compounds their jets, or which role plays strange entities as Dark Matter in the Universe.. and understand if the neutralinos will be part of the future education in the last year of the cited career -or if they will take part in the very future cooking receipts of a society that usefully knows how to use particles without too much ratio mass-to-light..

No, it does not explain that: One asks why we spent years and illusions studying in the faculty if afterwards the crude reality beats you in this way, and the dualism between what it should serve you and what it really serves turns in all and each of the cases at least opposite.. the only plausible explanation is that Magic is not an observatory, but logically all who works on it (Italians, Spanish, Catalans, Japanese, Germans, Swiss ,Russians..) call it clearly.. the Experiment. - But of course that's really what all us dreamed somehow sometime, right?-

Beyond that,after such dualistic experiences regarding technical work one could realize that the abrupt difference between worlds can be seen also in our own planet, and in the case now concerns me (let's say isola-ted) particularly in "La Palma". The duality here is geometrical: in 3000 horizontal meters you find out 3000 of vertical ones, and in the isoscelic hypotenuse the chaotic environments do not give you too much time to react. Sea of seas turns in deep complete greens and, when you start to realize of it, it is already too late because they are attenuated when you get into the fog of clouds and,on going through them, you discover, in the n-esimum bi-pass, the Comprehensible Blue of Almost Everything. From down, dolphins; in the middle, coats, and above "chovas" and "cernicalos". On the top, mad people looking somewhere, out-there.

Well, in spite of the anti-anecdotes of this hard day, at this point of our daily history it comes now the morning: the true Sun rising over these nearly human clouds,and one must "look at the bright sight of life" (tu-rú, tu-rú-tu tu-ru-rú..) and understand how beautiful is being able to appreciate the fantastic sight of the beginning of the world..Yes, dualism is also inside ourselves even if we do not realize, or better in other words, we are not ready for the astonishing truth about our similarity with all that surrounds us, since we could never accept that as clouds, trees and ants, as stars or stones, our existence follows ways that necessarily we do not decide, and unconsciously we get happiness (whatever you want to call it, this segregation of endo-morphins in specific brain connections located somewhere..) under the action of just some (not ourselves decided) light rays projected on some (not ourselves distributed) mountains in the Roque's top...

-One must say that for the rest of the Shift Operator of the Magic Telescope it has been not only the occasion to see how it is in situ practice of astronomy, but also a place deep for contemplation and internal reflection in the middle of the silence, just between the ground and the sky...-

Moreover, the fact of passing 25 days living with two work colleagues makes that either you end up killing them or you know how to combine the situation and take profit to play 137 (counted out) ping pong matches and therefore to improve the backhand touch spectacularly, or laugh until the exhaustion looking programs of the international spanish stupid television, amen of living together and surviving attacks of hysteria during which one would give up with everything as well as multiplying by three the number of known culinary recipes..

So now, at 9:00 in the morning, after taking two rations of Maccheroni with tomato sauce, an hamburger with some onion and carrot contour and at the end some sweet apples cooked slowly with some butter and chocolate as desert, I felt that the last passed hours have been some of the most intense I remember for months, and that in this moments it would be great having a friend who would ask me to write my personal impressions about one of this seven per thirty per three-hundred and sixty-five per nearly eighty days we have at our disposition for understanding what a day in our life means.