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Ein Tag in meinem Leben
Cultural Differences

My Magic Moment

I have had quite a number of memorable moments in my life good and bad ones alike; but the one that remains indelible in my mind took place twenty-two years ago on the 4th of July 1982 when I celebrated my eighth birthday.
Growing up back in days in my neighbourhood in Apapa a suburb in Lagos every boy’s dream then was to own a bicycle; I wasn’t an exception. Everyday after school we all gathered like bees round a bicycle owner whose friendship everyone craved for obvious reasons. The lucky ones took turn to ride the bicycle for short distances; of course this is after the owner has had his fill.
Prior to that my magic moment nothing in my widest dreams prepared me for the pleasant surprise that awaited me later that day.
I woke up excited and upbeat looking forward to the party, friends, games, food and of course presents! After the usual happy birthday song and cutting of cake; my favourite time came…opening of presents. I noticed then that my dad wasn’t in the room any longer; I didn’t make anything of this move. I opened the presents given me by my well-wishers and about ten minutes later I heard my dad calling me; again I didn’t make anything of this. When I got downstairs I couldn’t believe my eyes! Before me was a brand new silver colour four gear Raleigh chopper bicycle; Words can’t even begin to explain the joy I felt suffice to say that this was my magic moment and in true Kodak fashion the moment was captured in picture and I still look back with fond nostalgia anytime I see the picture of a skinny eight year old with a big smile, holding his bicycle as tightly as a groom would hold his newly wed bride.