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It started with a harmless (german) email. Well, more exactly its subject:
   Which was just 'Re:'.
   This turned to 'Reh:'.
   And this to 'Hirsch'...
   and so on.
Alternating we metamorphosed words and after some time also sentences.

In fact, the idea was born earlier:
In the Textmanufaktur, we had a workshop with the topic 'metamorphose'. Initially, I couldn't do much with it, but finally the following poems evolved:
  1. Metamorphosieren +
  2. Die Metamorphosen der Bermudas +
  3. +
  4. Eine ständige Entwicklung +
When metamorphosing, a lot of new and funny words are created. A few examples from our (german) emails:
Bügeleisenhüpfrondell, Leseschokolade, Salzstangenengineering, Rikishifrisur, Mundartelfen, Uferbrot, Eckigratten, Meilending, Gesundheitsunterbrechung, Rohrohr, Antifleckenvater, Knallgoten, Denkschnur, Bankrottschnur, Immerholz, Yoga-Hehlerware, ...

Of course, there is the question: To metamorphose - how does it work?
You start with a word or a sentence and then you change letters or words - varying single letters or parts of words - you take words apart and put them together differently.
Maybe the best explanation are a few examples from our (german) emails:
  • Man, was ist das kompliziert ;-) +
  • Tiroler Tiefuhr. Tatsächlich, hau ab! +
  • eben +
  • [...] +
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